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Why I Hate Walmart

Frankly, I avoid shopping at Walmart at all costs, but my wife, being the frugal teacher she is, will shop there when she knows it's cheaper than elsewhere. I know, this doesn't really fit under the general topic guidelines that I've set for myself on this blog, but I just have to get it off my chest. I haven't done one of these for a long time (before I owned this domain, I think), so here's another one:

Reason #6,539: When employees go on break, lunch, or off the clock in any manner, they are trained and instructed that they are not allowed to help customers on the floor, or they will get disciplined. This has been confirmed by the store manager at my nearest Walmart.

So, while there tonight, we needed one more product that we were purchasing from the shelf. We noticed employees leaving the back room, but they didn't have their aprons on. I asked if they were employees, and if they could help me. They promptly told me they were one lunch and couldn't help me, and if they did, they could get in trouble by management. I could hardly believe it too.

Not believing my ears, and after purchasing what I had already grabbed, I asked for the store manager. I told him the situation, and he confirmed what the lady had said: they are not allowed to provide customer service while off the clock. Needless to say, I was surprised, speechless and completely dumbfounded. They just keep giving me reasons to hate them.

I swear they don't want business.

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