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I Love My Job

Last week, we received some new hardware for our office (we move in to our little office, hopefully, today). Mainly, Dell workstations. Aside from the technical aspects, and the fact that these machines scream, the best part about yesterday was installing Debian GNU/Linux on them (Ubuntu wouldn't install (yes, I was surprised too)).

There's something to be said for working in an all Linux shop. For one, we don't have to pay the Microsoft Tax. For those who aren't familiar, the Microsoft Tax refers to the End User License Agreements (EULAs) that a user or company has to agree to, and end up paying when using their product. The other advantage to working in an all Linux shop is the freedom to use the tools that fit best for the job at hand. Because I am a web application architect, this means using Vim, Nvu, Bluefish, Quanta, GEdit, or anything I want that will best get the job done. Not to mention, the amount of tools that are available to make aspects of the job easier.

Ok. So using Linux is fun. Especially, when it's the personal operating system of choice already. But, the best part of the job, is the working with some great languages and frameworks. I mean, there are those who code in PHP, or whatever, creating web forms, or other monotonous applications. Then, there is what I do.

Needless to say, this is a fun job. It's thrilling to work with a startup company, and it's a blast to be working with the team that I am.

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