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Membership Granted

So, I'm in Colorado in the hotel lobby just after the meeting with the Colorado Team and Malcolm Yates. Christer and I are trying to get online with the free wireless provided by the hotel. All I want to do is check my email and IRC messages. I can't connect. However, Christer connects just fine, even though his connection is a little flaky.

All of the sudden, Christer leans over and tells me that my Ubuntu membership has finally been approved. Excited, I try to connect even more. I just can't get online. So, Christer lets me borrow his laptop. I see in the #ubuntu-utah channel that Tristan Rhodes just got his approval email, and that I need to check mine. Ugh. I can't. So, frustrated, I use Christer's laptop to check my email, and see the Good News.

I am finally an Ubuntu Member!

After waiting on the 'pending approval' list for about a month, membership was granted. Ultimately, I'm excited. However, I look at this as more responsibility. There's a lot on the plate currently, with my involvement with Ubuntu:

  • Supporting and encouraging the USTeams project to thrive and grow.
  • Help Christer strengthen the Ubuntu-Utah LoCo Team
  • Increase involvement with the Marketing Team
  • Supporting and advocating Ubuntu

So, as I've made goals to see these accomplished, I look forward to accelerating the Ubuntu name. Even if I can't connect, and have to use someone else's laptop. 🙂

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