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US Teams on LoCo Docs

Adding to the existing hype about LoCo Docs on March 3rd, I also would like to extend the excitement, US Teams style.

The LoCo US Teams Project is also looking to enhance the documentation on the wiki. For us (referring to those mentoring on US Teams), documentation is a big deal. We really want to see a LoCo team in every state by the end of the year. Currently, the progress is spreading like wildfire. Check out our map here to see its progress. But, in order to get a LoCo team in every state, we need good reliable documentation and exposure about setting up and maintaining such a team.

When Christer first started the Utah team, he admitted that he felt like he was on his own. Documentation may have existed, but he was either unaware of it, or unsure where to go to find it. As I have been mentoring the Kentucky team and New York team (both on a great start to becoming an approved LoCo by the way), and hanging out in the #ubuntu-us channel, I am hearing a resounding theme: "what resources are available to start my team?".

Looking at the current documentation, I think it's great. The problem I see, is exposure. Thus, the reason for my post. I would love to see some excitement on all levels about this LoCo Docs day. To increase that exposure, and thus help out the US Teams Project, posts on the forums, mailing lists, blogs/planets and announcements to local LUGs is a great start.

With that said, if you are looking to start a LoCo team in your state, but are unsure how to start or where to turn, check us out in #ubuntu-us on Freenode. We can get you started, align you up with the necessary resources, and get you going. If you already have a team, LoCo Docs day would be a great day to improve or update your LoCo Team page as well as help others.

See you on the wiki.

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