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Das Keyboard

Picture of Das KeyboardMy wife is going to kill me. Seriously. Don't tell her that I bought this, or I'm a dead man! Who am I kidding? She reads my blog, so she'll find out in her own due time.

I just dropped 90 squid on keyboard!!! Not any keyboard, however, Das Keyboard. The great thing about this keyboard, is it is 100% blank. No writing on the keys whatsoever. Check out the image to the right. Blank, just like a piano, or the look on my wife's face when she finds out I bought it.

The great thing about this keyboard, besides the fact that I type in Dvorak, and need something for my index fingers to rest on that isn't J and F, is the mechanical superiority. This keyboard, as claimed on the website, is supposed to surpass the IBM Model M. I've typed on that keyboard, and if the claim is true, then I'm sold. The IBM Model M keyboard is a revolutionary piece of hardware. Check out the pressure requirements under each key. Not unique to keyboards, but very nice.


At any rate, here are a few of the features of the keyboard, and ultimately, the reasons that I purchased it:

  • 100% blank.
  • Mechanical gold-plated switches, surpassing the IBM Model M
  • Scooped F and J keys
  • USB (compatible with all operating systems)

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