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A Formal Apology To Centon Electronics

Last week, I posted a rather nasty letter on this blog to Centon, in regards to a rebate situation. Basically, I had tried contacting Centon a few times, leaving a couple unreturned voice mails and a bounced email. In frustration, and sheer anger, I posted a rather nasty post to Centon on this blog explaining that because I was not getting any contact from them. I had hoped, rather reluctantly actually, that they would stumble upon the post, and make the contact that I had been looking for. They did, and in fact, exceeded my expectations. But first, and apology.

Centon- I apologize for the tone and manner of which I conducted the blog post. Looking back on the post, it's rather embarrassing, and not conducive of an Ubuntu community member. Even though not explained in the Code of Conduct, I felt that I had derailed from a document that I had digitally signed. I apologize for my post and the behavior in which I executed it. I will continue to do business with you, and I will encourage others to do the same. You have provided prompt customer service, you have been responsive and you have treated me kind and well. Quite the opposite of how I treated you. Please accept this apology.

Now, some explanations:

First, the rebate that I had thought I should have received in the mail was not $90, but $45. Apparently, I mixed up their rebate with another that I am expecting to come soon. I need a better way to file my documents, or I just need to learn how to read. At any rate, I misrepresented information in that post.

Second, Centon is not to blame for the rebate, but the store from which I purchased the RAM. Namely, CompUSA. You see, CompUSA put out the rebate, and printed the rebate form for me a day early. I had purchased the RAM on December 30th, but the rebate did not take effect until December 31st. Thus, I was not in the rebate period when I purchased the RAM, and as such, did not qualify for the rebate that CompUSA was offering on the shelves. This could be deemed false advertising. So, quite to the contrary to my post, Centon and the rebate company, did everything they should have. It was CompUSA that created this mess.

Thirdly, even if CompUSA had not messed up by offering the rebate early, Centon would still not be to blame, as the rebate was offered through a 3rd party, and not through Centon itself. As such, I jumped to conclusions irrationally and immaturely. Centon merely just offered me the RAM from which I am using in my wife's iBook.

So, there you have it. The full story. There are a few lessons that I learned from this:

    1. Do not take quick and irrational judgments and decisions, until all the facts are on the table.
    2. Make sure that all documents and resources are accurate.
    3. Blogging is a powerful tool to raise awareness, but be prepared to walk the walk.

Now, back to our regular scheduled programming.

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