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Poll: First Programming Language?

My coworker asked me this question, and began asking a few others in a couple IRC channels. So, I thought I'd extend it to my blog, and the planets that I syndicate. I added as many choices as I could hoping to see a wide array of votes. I added a few newer languages for the younger audience.

For me, my first language that I sat down and learned in a formal setting was Java. However, I had TI, Casio, and HP calculators, as well as an Atari 800 that I would fiddle with, and program. So, Basic was really the first language that I toyed with. I just never sat down, and took the time to "learn" it.

So, for all the programmers, coders, script kiddies and developers out there, what is the 1st programming language that you learned? If applicable, leave a comment specifying the system that you learned the language on.

What was the 1st programming language that you learned?
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