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US Teams Update

Well, it's that time, I think. Just yesterday, we had an Ubuntu Community Council meeting, and a rock-solid team was approved, with two rock-solid members also getting membership. It was a triple hit, out of the park. So, with that said, congratulations to the Kentucky Team for approval, and Eric Lake and Brian King for membership. Now that you have stepped up to the plate, you will see that more responsibility will be added. 🙂

For the US Teams Mentoring Project, this makes 5 officially approved Ubuntu LoCo Teams in the United States. In alphabetical order:

  • ChicagoTeam
  • ColoradoTeam
  • KentuckyTeam
  • OhioTeam
  • UtahTeam

What is even better news, though, I think, is the progress that new LoCo Teams are making to become approved. Currently, there are 39 new teams, including states, cities and smaller regions, either up and running, or getting organized to do so. Checking out the current map of the United States, with the LoCo Teams represented, this is impressive:

US LoCo Teams image

So, where does that put us as a mentoring project? Our current goal is to have a LoCo Team in every state by the end of the 2007 calendar year. Honestly, I think we are on a good track to reach that goal. Things are looking good, and some states have a mentor, and some are doing very well without one.

With that said, I would like to extend my hand to anyone that is struggling or would like help or direction in getting their LoCo state team up and running. We have a number of valuable resources, put together by the LoCo Contacts team, and by other members of the community, plus we have mentors that are Ubuntu Members that have setup successful teams, and can help you do the same, building on their successes.

The goal, ultimately, is to get your state team approved from Ubuntu, to share in some of the privileges that approved teams have access to. Such as a large amount of pressed Ubuntu CDs for your team (300 for Feisty, iirc) and website hosting under an subdomain. All it takes to get approved, is show sustained growth, activity, and contributions back to the Ubuntu community. With that said, the New York team should be the next in line for approval, as they are rocking it HARD!

At any event, the US is making a dent in the Ubuntu community, and soon, we'll have all citizens running it at home, work and school. To the existing state teams, keep up the good work! We'll reach our goal by the end of the year yet!

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