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RSS Feeds- Visited Yet Again

After reading Nick's post about Scoble and the RSS Feeds that he reads, I thought I would throw yet another hat in for RSS and what I've finally settled on.

In my last post, I published the feeds that I read and the reader that I was using to read my feeds, namely Bloglines. Well, Bloglines wasn't really "cutting" it for me, so I was still on the lookout for a good web-based RSS reader. After having tried many RSS desktop applications for my reading, mainly, Thunderbird, Sage in Firefox, Liferea, Straw, Akregator, and even FeedBurner, NewsGator and SharpReader in Windows, and a few web-based RSS apps, namely Google Reader, Bloglines and FeedLounge, I've come to the conclusion that all RSS readers suck.

Well, in the comments in my last post, someone mentioned Gregarius, an OSS web-based feed reader that you can serve from your own server. While it's certainly not the Crème de la Crème of RSS readers, it's nice that I can publish it under my own domain, and fix bugs as I come across them. Not to mention, the possibility of designing my own custom theme, which is currently in the works. So, Gregarius, at this point, is the shoe that fits, and the RSS reader that sucks less.

In Nick's post, there is a video of Robert Scoble discussing what he looks for in a post while reading one of his 600+ feeds. He mentions using Google Reader as his application of choice. I used Google Reader for a short time period, until the lack of a search box, as ironic as it is coming from The Great Search Engine, got under my skin, and I moved to Bloglines. Bloglines had it's own issues as well, so Gregarius seems to be working. I don't read 600+ feeds, then again, maybe I do with all the publishers to planets, but I do have a decent amount of news coming in, and it keeps me up-to-date with the latest in the tech industry. You can read my feeds here.

I am still on the lookout for good RSS readers that are web-based. I would prefer to host it under my own domain, but if the web application is solid (it sucks even less), then I'm willing to give it a shot. Of course, I'm also still on the lookout for good RSS feeds as well.

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