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OpenID Enabled

openid-logo-square.pngIt was important for me to get my site OpenID enabled, for those who would like to use it. I don't force users to register an account on my blog to comment, so enabling OpenID on my blog might seem a bit silly. However, for those who would like to use their OpenID to identify them when commenting here on this blog, it's now been enabled.

Here's how it works. First, the 3 fields of "Name", "Email" and "Website" are still there, just the "Website" field will now check to see if it is a valid OpenID URI. If so, it will automatically populate the "Name" and "Email" fields, provided that you created a persona with your OpenID provider. If the field does not contain a valid OpenID URI, then it will just behave as normal, allowing your to attribute any website to your name.

If you are curious what WordPress plugin I am using to pull this off, it can be found here. If you would like to delegate your WordPress blog as your OpenID URI, then there is a delegation plugin that can be found here.

A word of note on the OpenID plugin. If you are running Debian/Ubuntu and powering your site with PHP5, GMP is not available in the repos, which this plugin relies on for performance. The plugin will behave fine without it, however. If you would like GMP for the plugin, then you will need to compile it in from source yourself, which isn't that big of a deal, just heads up is all. All systems are normal, and performance seems okay for me, so I haven't bothered looking into getting GMP on my Ubuntu server.

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