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Dear Qwest

Starting today, you'll have more bandwidth opened up on your phone lines as I will no longer be a paying customer. You see, I've saved a bunch of money on my phone service by switching to Vonage. You just aren't providing the "Spirit of Service" that you seem to advertise so well. I know many friends and colleagues who were tired of your company, for one reason or another, but my gripe always has been, and always will be features per cost.

You were charging me $37.52 per month on average for basic phone service including caller ID. No voicemail. No call waiting. No call forwarding. No long distance. No nothing. For the longest time, I had been meaning to change phone carriers, as I think your rates are just outrageous. Personally, I would just rather ditch a "land line" service altogether, and just use my cell phone, but alas, my wife isn't excited about that idea. Vonage seemed to be the next best choice.

Vonage is only charging me $24.99 per month for a feature-full service. Caller ID. Voicemail (which can be forwarded to my email as an attachment). Call waiting. Call forwarding. Unlimited long distance anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. International calling. Refer-a-friend programs. And more. Vonage seems to be doing things right with a phone service. Sorry Qwest, but you seem to be stuck in 1980. And because I have a high speed cable Internet connection, I don't need anything that you can offer.

I hope that you can get the true meaning of your "Spirit of Service" campaign, because as I see it, your business model is failing. To me, it means more than just helping the customer when they have a problem. It means providing a service that is competitive and desirable. It means running a finely tuned engine under the hood, when no one is paying attention. I understand that not everyone wants VOIP, but would rather have a traditional phone service. Companies like USTel seem to have the idea of competitive rates and features.

I think your engine needs some tuning. The '67 El Camino just isn't competitive against the '07 Shelby GT.

Anyway, good luck with your company. I think you'll be out of business soon.


Aaron Toponce

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