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New Feature For OpenID Users

I have created a new feature for OpenID users on this blog. Actually, I didn't "create" it, but more like adopted it. In any event, if you have an OpenID account, and use it to register as a user on this blog, you will be added to a whitelist in my database that bypasses Spam Karma, and automatically posts your comment. No captchas. No "This comment is being held for moderation". No harassment. Just write your comment, use OpenID, hit submit, and see it posted.

However, as with all technology, this could be abused. Phishers and spammers can still create OpenID accounts, and use them to bypass spam security. However, the level of work that is involved in using an OpenID account makes this unlikely. For example, not only do they need to create OpenID identities, but every time they use it to spam a blog with comment floods, they will have to verify from their OpenID provider that they want to trust that blog with their identity. So, in the meantime, it's pretty safe. Also, I know that once whitelisted, on OpenID user could still become a troll or other problem in the comment system. Those will just have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

So, if you have an OpenID account, and would like to bypass my spam filters completely (I know they can be a pain sometimes), go ahead and use it here, and you'll be added to the whitelist. As of this writing, all newly created accounts with OpenID are added to the whitelist by hand. I hope to have some code released soon to automate the process. Also, I'll be publishing my whitelist for other bloggers to use in their blogs if they would like.

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