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August Dvorak Simplified Typewriter Videos

I saw these really cool videos over at DVZine and I had to share. These two videos (flash required) are promotional motion pictures written and filmed by August Dvorak, inventor of the Dvorak Simpilifed Keyboard. I'm guessing that these two videos were filmed in the 1940's. There is no sound.

For those who still prefer the QWERTY Standard Keyboard layout for their typing should take a look at these two videos. If you're curious about switching to the Dvorak Simplified layout, I would highly recommend it. After typing on the Dvorak Simplified Layout, my speed has increased from about 70 words per minute to over 100 words per minute. Also, my accuracy on typing has increased by about 15%, accourding to gtypist. At any event, I hope you enjoy these two videos from YouTube found here.

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