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By: erik Fri, 03 Aug 2007 12:18:27 +0000 "So, with that said, who do you turn to when the MSN servers go down?"

They don't. They are distributed on several continents, and several data centers, multi-way replicating and whatnot. They have went down for couple times but after each incident they have seriously developed their infrastructure to eliminate the whole problem class.

"What if you are having login problems or can’t get your roster to pull up?"

I have no idea, I have never had that or heard anyone having that happen, at least while using decently updated clients.

"What happens when your instant messaging account is getting bombarded with spam?"

I've got couple spam messages, the spammers seem to get banned nowadays more or less automated, I guess they have some automatic filter systems in place. Even the newest trend, chinese sweat shop spam, seems to be handled pretty well. (Most of the spam you get on MSN is from those, little chinese kids using copy&paste, because the bots get banned nearly instantly.)

"Question after question, users are faced with this often. And who do they turn to? Does MSN have a support channel that you can turn to if you’re having troubles?"

Most of the MSN users never have any questions after questions. Some do though, as they have not administrated their systems in any sane way and they have broken their applications. I've discussed once with some MS folks and it really seems the #1 reason they are not providing certain type of support is that the bulk of their users is so stupid it is just simply counter-productive for them.