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I Came, I Saw, I Got Conquered

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Today, I'm in Silicon Valley with Clint Savage, and we thought it would be great to take a small detour to Google Campus. It's only a couple miles from the hotel that we're staying in, so why not?

First, we needed to find the place. Wasn't too hard, seeing as though the campus is taking up some 10 or 12 city blocks. Eventually, we found the building for the visitors lobby, hoping that there might be a tour, or information on where/when to go. After a bit of wandering, we found a "visitors lobby" pointing us to building 42 (42 buildings? Good gravy!). We meandered, only to find the entrance to the building closed. It should be no surprise really, seeing as though it is Sunday.

So, what the hey! We'll just meander a bit more until we feel that we have a good feeling for the place, then we'll bail. Well, as we were heading for the courtyard, where all these colorful umbrellas are, I heard a noise in the faint distance behind me.

"Hello! HELLO!"

I turned around to see 2 security guards approaching us. As I turned back around, to tell Clint, I see an employee leaving a building only 20 or 30 feet from where we were.

"We're getting cornered!" I thought.

Luckily, only one security guard approaches us, asking if we worked there and that we're not allowed to take pictures. We joshed with him for a bit, and he was a good sport, but he basically told us, that unless we have friends, we can't be on the campus (I must be lonely 🙂 ). I asked if he would be my friend, but he replied that he was working. So, no friends during work. At any event, we were escorted off of the campus, behind the T-Rex eating a pink flamingo.

It was fun, even if it was a short visit.

  • I came to Silicon Valley for my RHCE certification, of which I have yet to receive.
  • I saw the Google Campus, and took the few pictures that you see above.
  • I got conquered my a Google security guard who isn't allowed to have friends while on the clock.

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