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Poll: Novell or Sun Microsystems?

An interesting conversation has sparked recently, and I'm curious what the community thinks. If you had the choice to work for either Novell or Sun Microsystems, who would you work for and why? I would work for Sun for a few reasons:

  1. Novell has made a reputation for itself by laying off employees at a whim, with the AppArmor devs being the most recent example.
  2. Sun has opened up nearly all of it's Solaris operating system. Coming from a Solaris background in the early days, this is cool.
  3. Even though Novell apologized to the community for its agreement with Microsoft, knowing that they could be swallowed up any day now by the Redmond giant makes me nervous.
  4. Sun seems to have a promising future, where Novell seems to be riding the razors edge. I guess time will only tell there, however.
  5. Sun has said, that if Microsoft goes on a patent litigation rampage, Sun will pull out it's portfolio protecting Linux users.

So there you have it. Below is an AJAX poll (you have to visit my site to vote, not from your RSS reader, or the SPLOG you're reading this from). Cast your vote, and post your reasoning in the comments below.

Novell or Sun?
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