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Goodbye Windows

With the recent news of my wife and I receiving a baby (she's due any moment now), my wife will be quitting her full-time job as a 2nd grade school teacher come June of 2008. This means a lot of changes in our lives (income adjustments, responsibilities, etc), but most importantly, it means that she will no longer need Windows on our desktop.

The last, and final install of Microsoft Windows will be taking the path of the DoDo. The only approved operating systems in the house will be those that are UNIX or UNIX-like, such as Linux, Mac OS X or the *BSDs. Of course, our daughter will learn first hand what it is to run a secure and reliable operating system at home, and hopefully as such, convert her friends to do the same.

I'm counting on my birthday, which is Monday, June 9th, to wipe that hard drive clean, and begin anew with Ubuntu.

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