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Ubuntu Us Teams Project Status

I need to get this down in a post as the energy from it is just exciting.

When Christer went to UDS, he came back with a wealth of information, and shared it with the project showing us how we could improve Ubuntu as LoCo teams from many differing angles. The result, I think, is exactly what LoCo teams need and what will propel this project to the next level. Think of it this way: the Ubuntu LoCo community is a massive community covering just about every area of the globe with members of all sorts of talents. Why not tap into this power? Why not take advantage of the idle skills that reside in these LoCo teams and improve Ubuntu ten-fold? Well, that's exactly the questions that Christer had in mind while at UDS, and after communicating them to the US Teams Project, we also thought this a great idea, and decided to move forward. So, may I introduce the first US Teams Education Week.

Beginning Monday, November 26, at 20:00 EST, we'll be meeting in #ubuntu-us on freenode to discuss bugs, bug triaging, Launchpad, and anything else we can do that is bug-related relating to Ubuntu. We are asking that the members of LoCo teams across the United States jump head first into this activity helping to squash as many bugs as possible. Bug work isn't too terribly complicated, and can be easily learned. Hopefully, we can get a few of the LoCo members interested permanently into bugs and Launchpad. We'll start with an hour presentation by Christer himself, after which we'll apply what he taught us and dig in. We'll meet up again Wednesday an Friday for more bug squashing and triaging at the same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.

There are other activities that we can participate in to make Ubuntu a better distribution, such as documentation, packaging with MOTU and more. We hope that this will get the US LoCo teams heavily involved with improving Ubuntu all around, and getting more approved teams and team members.

See you tomorrow.

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