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4 US Teams Approved

We just had 4 new teams go up to the CC in their IRC meeting for approval, and all 4 teams were approved. They are:

Congratulations all 4 teams!

What does this mean? It means that 4 Ubuntu LoCo teams have become recognized by the Ubuntu Community Council to receive some special incentives. First, of course, bragging rights. What's a team without bragging that you've been recognized by the leaders of the greatest Linux distribution on the planet? Second, more CDs. Now, as an approved team, they are entitled to receive quite a few stamped CDs from ShipIt. Finally, as a team, when hosting community events, you are entitled to official kiosks and stands from Canonical.

Further, as the US Teams Project progresses, we have a lot of reason to celebrate. First, in the United States, we've gone from 8 approved teams to now 12. Check out our map. Green is the new black. This is a 50% increase in approved teams! Have we hit our goal of an approved team in every state by 2008? No, but we've made some good progress. There are only 4 teams that have no team in them currently, but with 12 approved, that means we have just shy of 25% of the United States!

While I'm excited for the 4 teams, I don't want to take their spotlight. They are the ones to congratulate as they've done all the hard work. Some have needed mentoring from the US Teams Project and some haven't or not so much. But all-in-all, they are approved, and that's the Big Thing, isn't it?

Congrats again guys! You deserve it!

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