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Ubuntu 7.10 Polish

This is just a quick post to say that I am really impressed with Ubuntu 7.10. I've been running Debian Sid on my laptop for the past 4 months. Although I'm running 7.10 on my old bed-ridden laptop and on my dual-boot desktop, I haven't really spent the time to play with it. Well today, I discovered bullet-proof X, working-out-of-the-box firewire, sound, wifi and suspend, functional thinkpad keys and much more. Ubuntu just works, and although Debian is rock-solid, Ubuntu just takes it a step further. Not to mention, all the polish. On boot, desktop appearance, fonts and more. Very well done. I may be 2 months behind just getting into 7.10, but all I have to say is job well done to the devs! Very impressed!

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