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MIT PGP Keyserver

I just discovered, after spending some time trying to get my public key uploaded to the MIT PGP keyserver that they do not support photos in public keys. I find this rather unfortunate, as photos add a level of security to the key. This also means that any IDs that I add to my key after adding the photo will also not be updated on their server. It seems that MIT has no plans on implementing support for photos in public keys, and I have no plans on removing the photo from my key, so that places MIT and I at an impasse. Fortunately, the Ubuntu PGP keyserver does support photos, so as such, if grabbing my key, you will always find the latest version there, as well as under my domain here. Just FYI, in case anyone else was having issues uploading their public key to the MIT server, and received an "Error decoding key block".

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