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Update My Public Key

At your earliest convenience, you'll need to update my public key in your keyring. You can grab the cleaned copy from my site, or your can get an uncleaned copy from either the Ubuntu keyserver or the PGP keyserver. Please do not use the MIT PGP keyserver, until I can get straightened out why they won't accept my public key (I think it is more involved than just lack of support for photo IDs in keys).

The update is necessary to keep you from encrypting data to me using an algorithm that is not supported by GnuPG. At a previous job, I needed support for the IDEA algorithm, found in PGP2, so I imported that library into GPG and added support for it in my key. As I no longer need support for that patented algorithm, I've removed the preference from my key, which will affect the public key that you have.

If you have any errors encrypting data to me, or verifying my digital signature, please email me the error, along with a screenshot, so I can troubleshoot the issue. I believe I may have a few more cockroaches lying around, such as the IDEA algorithm.

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