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My Wife Blogs

I just wanted to put out there how proud I am of my wife. She is an amazing woman! First, her work ethic is unparalleled. I do not know a single soul who works half-as-hard as she does. Second, she is an amazing elementary education teacher. She integrates technology into her classroom seamlessly, and has introduced her kids to blogs, wikis, DVDs and just about everything computer. Further, she spends time with the GIMP for all her photo editing, Firefox for her browsing, and iGoogle for her productivity. She even subscribes to RSS feeds!

Anyway, I've gotten off track. What I wanted to point out, is my wife is a blogger. I help set her blog up about 2 years ago, as she wanted to add it to her domain. It took a bit for her to really catch the blogging bug, but now she's non-stop. She's even edited the presentation HTML for her WordPress theme... without knowing HTML. Further, she gets her students involved by adding comments to her posts. She's out setting the bar on teachers blogging, and joining the ranks of female bloggers everywhere. I think she's worth subscribing to (she is my wife, after all. 🙂 ) by adding her feed to your RSS reader.

Keri- I love you, and I'm so very proud of you!! Keep up the amazing work!

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