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Open Discussion Day - Belated

Well, wouldn't you know it? Comcast decided to cut my Internet connection late Sunday night, leaving me with no Internet at all Monday-- the day of Open Discussion Day. Of course, this is no excuse for not blogging it earier, and I have no excuse for not blogging in almost a month! However, is open for business, although, there isn't a lot of content there... yet. My plans are to have that site as a great resource for anyone wishing to get information on switching from proprietary legacy IM protocols to open ones. Further, hopefully, next year's Open Discussion Day will be a bit more of a party then it was this year. 🙂 If interested, we do have #opendiscussion registered as the official channel for the project. If you want to learn more about us, that would be the first place I turn to.

See you online!

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