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Ubuntu At Best Buy

I know this is old hat, as I've seen it on the blogosphere for a couple of weeks now, but I can't help but post about it myself. Ubuntu Linux is selling at Best Buy for only $20.00. I have yet to grab a copy myself, but plan on doing so as soon as I can. This just goes to show the popularity of a rock-solid Linux distribution, and the visibility it is making in the market I don't think 2008 is the year of the Linux desktop, as Stormy seems to think, but I doubt that year is far behind, and with the massive failure of Vista, Ubuntu Linux is looking like a good alternative to many computing users.

Of course, selling Linux at a retail store is nothing new. In 1999, I remember Red Hat selling boxed copies at Staples in the software section. However, it's been some time since I've seen it, so it's refreshing to see my favorite distro on the selves reaching the mass populous.

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