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For The Love Of Unix

There's been something that's been on my mind as of late, and it's been bothering me enough that I'm finally blogging about it, and that's the hypocrisy that is the Linux community. If I'm way out of line, let me know. If I'm off base, let me know.

To start, I'll begin with the phrase that we've all heard: "Linux users use Linux because they hate Windows. BSD users use BSD because they love Unix." I can't emphasize how true that statement is. I'm subscribe to several mailing lists, I subscribe to hundreds of RSS feeds, I visit forums semi-regularly, I'm on IRC 24/7 in plenty of channels. You want to know what I see?

M$, Microshaft, Micro$oft, Win-blows, Windoze, and so on and so forth.

Is this really becoming of the Linux community? Have we really stooped so low? Yet, as Ubuntucat mentions in his blog, at first sign of a Linux user struggling with his/her Linux install, the first thing we shout as a community, is "Go back to Windows then!", or "Don't let the door hit you on the *** on the way out."

Wait, what?

I find this rather unfortunate. Aren't most of us computer users, because of the science that is computing? Don't all operating systems have something to bring to the table? I would think that we use Linux, not because we hate Windows, but because we want to learn about Linux. We want to learn the Unix way. Computing should be fun, not filled with animosity.

As I'm not entrenched in the BSD community, I can't speak for their behavior, if such mentality exists or not. However, the BSD users that I have come in contact with definitely love their operating system. In fact, I've learned more about Linux from BSD and Unix users than I have from Linux users. And yet, I never hear a bad word about Windows or Microsoft. If brought up, it seems to be logical concerns, and clearly states as subjective. Doesn't the Linux community make blanket statements about Windows, concerning its security or stability?

Now, with that said, I recently ditched Windows in our home, as we got hit with a virus, and got hit hard. Rather than spend hours cleaning it up, not even sure if I rid myself of everything, I opted for wiping the computer clean, and moving strictly to Ubuntu or Mac OS X. It was a personal choice due to the fact I didn't want to administer an operating system I knew little about. Plus, I'm excited to use Ubuntu. It's a fun operating system.

Now, I know I've been guilty of calling names in regards to Microsoft and Windows. I'm not saying I have a clean slate, and I'm certainly not on a pedestal higher than anyone else. However, I do think we need improvement in this area. Windows may not be my favorite operating system, but belittling it, and the users who use it, does nothing for us as a community. It's time to move past this, and embrace Linux for what it is, not for what it's not. We aren't any better than anyone else, because we use Linux. Windows users aren't beneath us because of their choice to use proprietary software. Each has a different philosophy and reason for their actions.

So, let us get past this ridiculousness. Let's start learning and advocating Linux, because we love Unix. Let's bring excitement to the table with Linux. As a system administrator and trainer myself, I love learning everything I can about Linux, and it's fun to see the exciting new advancements on the Linux and Unix arena. Windows is a good operating system. Give credit where credit is due. Make criticisms based on logic and understanding. Understand, that Linux and Unix isn't perfect either. Flaws aplenty abound in our world. Learn those flaws. Learn the strengths. For the love of Unix.

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