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Dear Sprint

I am no longer interested in your service. Apparently, I'm not the only one, with hundreds of thousands of other users also not interested in your service. Why? Because you aren't delivering the features that I want in a cell provider. Let me explain.

Last night, my daughter, who is 9 months old, got a hold of my Palm Centro. As all babies do, she began exploring the phone by putting it in her mouth. As such, the slobber made its way into the case, and now my phone won't power on. So, it's in need of repair. I realize that it's not covered under warranty, so tomorrow, I'll be taking my phone to the nearest Sprint retail store to see what my options are.

Before taking the phone in, I was curious if I could forward my phone number to my wife's phone. This shouldn't be difficult, as I can easily do this with my Vonage line. I just login to my account, set the preference, and off I go. This is a great feature, should I be on vacation, or away from my house, but still want to receive calls to my house. However, as I logged in to the Sprint site, I could not find such a feature anywhere in my account. So, I took the opportunity to chat live with a representative.

So, I had a couple questions regarding forwarding my calls to my wife's cell, and the potential of purchasing a new phone, should the phone not be repairable, or the repair price is more than I'm willing to spend. First, the question about forwarding my cell calls. She asked if I had the phone with me, and if I could enter text in the phone. I told her no, that it won't even power on. She then proceeded to explain that unless I could type numbers in the phone, this option is not available. Even through the web interface.

Then, the next question I asked, is whether or not I could activate an unlocked phone should my Centro not get repaired. She told be this was not an option, as Sprint only activates Sprint CDMA locked phones. So, Google, you're out of luck with your Android based OS. OpenMoko, you too with the Neo Freerunner. Even if the phone is a triband CDMA phone, that works on their frequencies, it's a dead end. No activating unlocked phones with Sprint. This sucks, as I can purchase the phone I want, with the features I'm looking for, and easily hook it up to my Vonage line provided a gateway. After all, a phone is just that: a phone.

So, as it sits, I have 16 months left until the end of my contract. I think I'll pay the $200, cancel the contract, and move to a provider that meets the needs I want (with a bill about $100 / month, I'll still be saving a crap-load of money). It's apparent you have several issues on board, and you're obviously not interested in solving any of them, so I'm really not interested in being your customer.

Good luck on keeping the remaining few loyal customers. I'm sure you'll be dead soon.

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