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Dear Lazyweb- RAID/LVM Crossroads Decision

Dear Lazyweb-

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T61 with an internal 100GB SATA drive and a modular 200GB SATA drive in the modular bay. Thus, I have 300GB of SATA glory at my disposal. I have been debating putting these together under a RAID array, possibly level 0 (I'm not that concerned about redundancy. This is a laptop after all.), then using encrypted LVM to manage the storage. I'm wiping the laptop clean soon preparing for a new install, and I can't continue until I make a decision. The only thing that is stopping me from making such a decision, is that I still have the DVD-RW drive. Do I need the drive? I could rely on others to burn discs for me, which wouldn't be all that often. Or will I miss it? I do travel for a living, teaching Linux, and may find myself in a hotel room needing to burn a CD for class. So, if you could help me with this situation, I would be much obliged. Should I add my modular bay drive to a RAID array coupled with LVM, or should I just use one hard drive, and keep the bay modular?

Thanks in advance!

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