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Red Hat Aqcuires Qumranet

Red Hat made the announcement today that they have acquired Qumranet, the company behind KVM.

This is awesome news on many fronts. First, KVM is the future for Linux virtualization- not Xen. Second, Red Hat has become the leader in open source contributions, both in the kernel itself, as well as many technologies, such as Spacewalk and oVirt. Because Red Hat stays so close to the fundamental philosophies of Free Software, this is a company worth knowing. They are truly giving back to the community. My allegiance lies not only with Canonical and Ubuntu, but with Free Software in general. So, even if I am an Ubuntu man, this is great news for Linux. Linux, unlike other vendors, can now offer a full in-house virtualization environment integrated into the operating system itself. Because Red Hat is pushing so much Open Source Software on the Linux front, other distributions will be able to take advantage of their efforts, and we'll all benefit as a whole. Better virtualization, better systems management, better Linux operating systems.

Congrats to both the Red Hat and Qumranet teams. I'm looking forward to seeing KVM in RHEL 6, and even more so, the absence of Xen.

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