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New Irssi Theme - 88_madcows

Yesterday, while students were working on labs, and I was bored stiff, I decided to update my Irssi installation running on my Debian SPARC box. I spent some time cleaning up the config (not by hand, mind you, but through the options in the interface) by updating the servers I connect to, the channels I want to autojoin, the networks, updating aliases and scripts, and a number of other things. Then, I realized it was time for a theme other than default.

I had run the madcow theme in the past, but I wasn't happy with a few aspects of it. For example, I didn't like the nicks being right-aligned based on the last character of their nick. Because of this, the developer of the the theme chose a max length for the nicks that meant cutting off any nicks that extended past that max. Why not just left-align it to conserve space? Also, there were aspects of the theme that didn't tie in well with itself. So, after several hours of hacking, I finally settled on my new theme. It's not a big departure from the madcow theme, as I loved the color scheme and much of the formatting, and wanted to keep it. However, I also wanted to change what was driving me nuts about the theme. Now, I'm no Irssi theme hacker, so I'm sure there are better ways to reach some of the formatting decisions that I made, but it's working well, so I'm happy.

I decided to name the theme 88_madcows, after my IRC nick 'eightyeight' and keeping homage to the madcow theme developed by dubkat. Below is a screenshot of the theme in action. If you would like to download it, I've provided a link as well. I would recommend running the following commands in your Irssi for maximum theme integration (I have, and installed):

/set hilight_color %g
/set hilight_act_color %R
/set trackbar_style %g

Full 1680x1050 screenshot here (using the Tango color scheme in gnome-terminal).
Theme download here.

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