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I Has A Education

Normally, I wouldn't care about such things, however, I got this in the mail the other day, and found it too funny to pass up.

Republican representative Brad Dee is running for Legislative District 11 here in my county in Utah. When my wife checked the mail, she called me to tell me about this political flier of his. He wants to show his support for public education. In fact, on the front of the flier, "Representative Brad Dee is looking out for teachers and students on Capitol Hill!" is stated on the left, with the following on the right: "Brad Dee is the 2008 Lewis W. Shurtliff Award recipient - for his dedication to yhe advancement and improvement education in Utah". Did you catch it? No, I didn't type it incorrectly. Read it again. I've even attached a picture below.

I won't be voting for Brad Dee, not because his marketing team can't get an education flier grammatically correct, along with spelling, but because our views don't see eye-to-eye. However, if you're going to send out a flier about your support for education, you better make sure that you seem educated. From the looks of this flier, I'm thinking that could be difficult.


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