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While taking the bus home yesterday from work, I needed to login to work over the VPN and get some stuff done, before the next day started. The express bus I take home has free WIFI on the bus. Unfortunately, it's anything but reliable or stable. I kept losing the connection, then I would have to reconnect, then it would drop, then reconnect, etc. While going through this, I noticed in the WIFI applet for Windows XP that it tells me I currently not connected, but if I wish to disconnect, I need to click the disconnect button. So which is it? Am I connected, or not? If I click the disconnect button, I guess it disconnects me, but when I click the button again to connect, it says again that I'm currently not connected, and if I wish to disconnect, click disconnect. Confusing as hell, I figure it's loaded with FAIL, and that it would be fun to show.

Screenshot showing me connected or not connected to the UTA WIFI.

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