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My ZSH, Irssi and Screen Themes On White And Black Backgrounds

Now that school is out for the summer, I have a bit of time to work on some of the themes I've created for my ZSH prompt, Irssi and GNU Screen. The first focus of mine was to get all themes working well with both white text on black backgrounds, and black text on white backgrounds. I've been leaning more and more to black text on white background colors for my default terminals, so I wanted to make sure that everything I was using day-to-day looked good with that setup.

First, my ZSH prompt was already developed from the outset with that in mind. So, no additional hacking has been needed on that. There are some elements that I'm not too terribly excited about. I don't care for the dark blue directories on a black background, and I don't care for the yellow character devices on a white background. Using the Tango scheme for gnome-terminal makes both of those scenarios much more tolerable. However, I do have additional items that I want to put in my prompt, but that will be for a later post. Also, my GNU Screen hardstatus line also needed to be compatible. This wasn't that big of a deal, as I only needed to apply some colors to a few elements. Hhere's a couple screenshots showing both black and white backgrounds, and how the ZSH prompt inside looks in each. Note the GNU Screen hardstatus line is at the bottom of the terminal.

From Desktop Screenshots
From Desktop Screenshots

Second, my Irssi theme also needed to work well with both. As I've already blogged before, I was really, really impressed with the madcows theme. However, I didn't care for a few elements, so I started hacking it, making my own changes. I've tried keeping the true nature of the theme, while still adding my own style. The theme was already largely compatible with my ZSH prompt colors, it just needed some adjustments here and there, before I was totally satisfied. Further, it looked like crap using a white background, so this needed some hacking as well. I think I'm overall happy with the result, although I'm sure I've missed many things (like DCC, or CTCP), so there's likely much more hacking to go before it's perfect. However, for the general day-to-day chat, it's 95% there. Screenshots for both backgrounds below:

From Desktop Screenshots
From Desktop Screenshots

In a nutshell, the themes are compatible with xterm-color support on most terminals. Mainly, I'm using bold and normal weights on red, green, yellow, black, white and blue. Anything else takes the default color of the terminal itself, whether it be the foreground text or the background. So, as long as your TERM variable is set to "xterm-color" or something better, you should be okay.

This post wouldn't be complete without the source for you to try it out. Here's a compressed tarball for giving it a shot, and reporting anything you find in the comments, if you like.


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