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Poll: Have You Ever Used A Floppy Disk?

This post is a quickie to see what the current generation is like these days. I'm an old fart (not as old as many reading this post), but I remember when 5 1/4" floppy drives were "standard", and 3 1/2" were the new fad. Then came Iomega Jazz drives, and the like. CDRW hit the scene, never really went far, then USB storage was here, and here to stay.

At any event, in graphical user interfaces, you'll see floppy disks that represent saving a file to disk. It's very, very common, yet I doubt many of the younger generation has ever used one. So, how are they supposed to know what it does?

So, here's a poll for you to take. You'll need to take the poll at my site, as it uses Ajax calls to the page, which means it won't work in your RSS reader, or on any other site. I'm just curious to see what falls out.

Have you ever used a floppy disk?
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