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I Am Going To OLF

I will be attending the Ohio Linux Fest this September (in about two weeks) giving a talk on "Password Theory and Breaking Encrypted Filesystems". The talk covers some theory on what exactly makes a "secure password", including some mathematics, entropy, random number generators, shadowed passwords, salts, rainbow tables and cryptographic hashes. I end the talk by showing how to break into an encrypted filesystem, regardless of the type of encryption, or the software used to encrypt the filesystem. It should be a good talk. When my slides are ready, I'll make them available online.

If you have thought about attending, you should register. You can see my talk, if you sign up just for the enthusiast package. You can attend a sponsored lunch (and other things) if you upgrade.

Also, I'll be hosting the PGP keysigning party at the conference as well (a follow-up post is coming). My key is in the "strong set", so by me signing your key, I'll also be bringing you into the strong set as well, if you're currently not in it. It's all about strengthening the Web of Trust.

At any event, see you at the fest!

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