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Protesting SOPA/PIPA

Starting Jan 18, 2011 at 00:00 UTC, this blog will be joining many others to protest SOPA and PIPA. I strongly oppose the views outlined in the bill, and with a Google Pagerank of 4/10, with almost 650 RSS readers, and about 1,500 hits to my site per day, I'll be taking advantage of these numbers, and showing my disgust for SOPA/PIPA. Join me, and many others, by joining the strike at Now, a note to my (current and future) political representatives in Utah.

Dear Jim Matheson, Rob Bishop, Jason Chaffetz, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee:

If you vote in favor of supporting SOPA and PIPA passing, not only will you not get a vote from me, I'll launch an online campaign to make sure I take as many people with me this November in doing the same (I'll tell you right now Mr. Hatch, that Pete Ashdown already has my vote, but its not too late to withold the campaign). The ball is in your court.

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