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New Home

If you notice the blog feels a bit more snappy and responsive, that's because it is. It is now moved to a new resting place on MUCH more capable hardware than it was on. Previously, it was on an old HP Pavilion desktop that was a repossession back in 2005. I purchased it from the company for $20. A mere Pentium Celeron at 700 Mhz with 512 MB of PC-133 RAM. It's been powering this blog in my basement, and many others since, on a non-redundant 10 GB hard drive.

Recently, I purchased and built some new hardware with much more impressive specs, complete with high availability and redundancy everywhere. ZFS filesystem with SSD read-only L2ARC caches, gigabit networking (and behind a new fat pipe), 20 Gbps Infiniband, more beef behind the CPU and RAM, and even a fairly solid GPU for some general purpose computing. Basically, this blog went from being a 1979 Buick LeSabre to a 2008 Shelby GT 500.

However, there are some wrinkles that still need ironing out. Hopefully, I can get those taken care of soon. In the meantime, please pardon any dust, should you notice it. Thanks.

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