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Announcing Hundun

Per my last post, I decided to setup an entropy server that the community could use. So, I've done just that. That server uses 5 entropy keys from Simtec Electronics in the U.K. as its hardware true random number generators. It hands out high quality randomness for the most critical cryptographic applications. The purpose, is to keep your entropy pools filled.

The server was inspired by There, he uses atmospheric noise to create true randomness, and provides a convenient web site to play games with this randomness, such as rolling dice. He does provide an API that you can take advantage of for automated clients to use the randomness. I decided to take a different approach, and give you the raw bits themselves, and let you do with them as you please.

If you're interested in these raw bits, visit The web page is very minimalist right now. I'll get to that later. However, it contains all the instructions necessary to take advantage of those random bits. The bits are encrypted on the wire using stunnel, to ensure their integrity.

If this is useful to you, feel free to comment below, drop me a line via email on that site, or using any of the methods found at, and let me know.

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