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New Public NTP Server

I just assembled a public access NTP stratum 2 server. Feel free to use it, if you wish. It is considered "Open Access". It has a public webpage at This stratum 2 server has a few advantages over some others online:

  • It connects to three stratum 1 GPS time-sourced servers.
  • Each stratum 1 server is less than 6 milliseconds away.
  • The preferred stratum 1 server is about .5 milliseconds away.
  • Stratum 2 peering available- just contact me.
  • It has a 100 Mbit connection to the Internet.
  • The ISP sits behind four redundant upstream transit providers.
  • The ISP also peers on the Seattle Internet Exchange.

It is also available in the NTP pool at If you want to synchronize your computer with this server, then just add the following line in your /etc/ntp.conf configuration file:


Eventually, I'll also offer encrypted NTP for those who wish to have encrypted NTP packets on the wire (only if it's possible to offer both encrypted and unencrypted NTP simultaneously- I think it is). I'm also currently working on finding some other stratum 2 peers that are less than 30 milliseconds away. If you're running an NTP server, and want to peer with me, just let me know.

Hopefully, this will be of some benefit to the community.

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