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Linux Is Fun and Stuff, but...

...setting up a Linux server, and evern worse, being the system administrator is a pain in the butt!!!111!!!11!one Okay, here's the thing.  I am now hosting the OALUG site on my Ubuntu web server.  No big deal.  I am hosting 3 other sites as well.  Being a web admin is not that bad.  Lately, however, […]

Web Server Market Share

Way to go Apache! Apache leads the web servers with the largest market share by far, with almost 70% of servers using Apache. Microsofts IIS takes second place with a measly 20%, which is interesting, seeing as though most people running XP have their web server IIS turned on by default. So that percentage is […]

WordPress, URL Rewrite and Apache2

Okay, this is something that I have been spending the last 3 hours doing. Needless to say, I was getting quite frustrated. However, I have figured it out, and I share my experience here. WordPress has the ability to take full advantage of Apache's mod_rewrite module. Using your .htaccess file crammed to the brim with […]