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{ Category Archives } Blogging Is Now SSL Enabled

Just a quick update to say that I have enabled SSL, and forced it by default, for this blog. Given all the revelations about the NSA, the straw finally broke the camel's back, and we are now live with SSL. There may be some growing pains, seeing as though this will cost me a bit […]

New Home

If you notice the blog feels a bit more snappy and responsive, that's because it is. It is now moved to a new resting place on MUCH more capable hardware than it was on. Previously, it was on an old HP Pavilion desktop that was a repossession back in 2005. I purchased it from the […]

Fully Mobile

This blog is now fully mobile. If you visit with your mobile browser, you should be taken to a mobile version of the site. It's only using browser detection, rather than domain mapping, as I'm not in the mood to create A records for, which only ends up making the URL longer anyway. […] Twitter For Geeks

Yesterday, Evan released version 0.7.0 of the Laconica microblogging software. He also pushed it out as an update to the growing Identica. There have been some new features added to the site, and I'll be covering them here. First, however, last night, Levi and I were chatting away in #utah on Freenode about the protocols […]

Goodbye Twitter and your buggy service. Goodbye Jaiku and your spammy bot. Goodbye Pownce and your 20 users. Hello and Free Software. Reasons for switching to for my microblogging service: The code powering the service is Free Software, licensed under the GNU Affero GPL. Create an account and login to the account using […]

My Wife Blogs

I just wanted to put out there how proud I am of my wife. She is an amazing woman! First, her work ethic is unparalleled. I do not know a single soul who works half-as-hard as she does. Second, she is an amazing elementary education teacher. She integrates technology into her classroom seamlessly, and has […]

Why Blog? Because Your Congressman Might Contact You Directly

Guess who I just got off the phone with? Well, if you read my blog, and read my last post, I bet you can take a good guess. At 20:23 pm, just 1 hour ago, I got off the phone with Rob Bishop, my congressional representative. First off, I would like to thank Congressman Bishop […]

Movable Type 4.0 Beta Released

I'm 3 days behind in pushing out this news, however, after getting my daily dose of Technorati, and seeing all the posts about Movable Type going GPL with version 4, I had to comment. First off, I am excited to see Movable Type get back on its feet with respect to the community. It's history […]

RSS In Plain English

The people over at have whipped up a video for explaining RSS in plain English. Although I am already familiar with the technology, and even the differences between Atom and RSS, I still enjoyed the video. I could find this handy to show to my parents or siblings, as when I try explaining new […]

Why Blog? Because Google Might Hire You

Ok. Now that I have the official word on not getting hired by Google, I'm opening the Can 'O Worms. Yes, I almost took a job with Google, and no, I wasn't job hunting. Let me tell the story. It's a quiet day. I'm sitting in front of Hercules (R.I.P.), my faithful laptop, coding away, […]

Why A Dark Blog Theme?

I just received an email from a concerned reader about the theme of my blog. With the utmost respect, I am posting the body of the email text here, then the justification of why I chose an overall dark theme for my blog. I am not posting this to embarrass the person sending the email, […]

Newsfeed Tag

Ok. Time for a game. Because I'm starting the game, I'm going to set the rules. This is a blogging tag game, where, if tagged in a blog post, you must post as well. In your blog post, you must provide a trackback ping to the post that tagged you (a permalink to the post). […]

EFF Member

There have been a couple changes lately in my professional life, namely becoming an Ubuntu member, and now, joining the EFF. Both are important to me, and both are helping guide many decisions in my personal life. You may have noticed the EFF badge at the right in the sidebar. Well, that's why. There are […]

WordPress Upgrade Script

For those of you running WordPress on your own server, or a server that you maintain, I wrote a little script that may make upgrading your WordPress a bit easier. For me, I am running 4 installations of WordPress, so, when the upgrades are released, it's a bit of a pain to get them all […]