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MySQL Rocks

Well, it looks like I have finally reached an end to managing massive DBF tables (500MB+), and MySQL provides the answer. Even if I do have to make a couple hacks to get it to work. For those of you unaware, this has been a plaguing problem of mine for a while now. For starters, […]

Linux Is Fun and Stuff, but...

...setting up a Linux server, and evern worse, being the system administrator is a pain in the butt!!!111!!!11!one Okay, here's the thing.  I am now hosting the OALUG site on my Ubuntu web server.  No big deal.  I am hosting 3 other sites as well.  Being a web admin is not that bad.  Lately, however, […]

Managing LARGE Databases Continued

Well, I don't have much to report so far, other than still has a lot of bugs when it comes to it's Base program.  First off, before throwing the 3.4 million record Tennessee database at it, I thought I would try a much more compact database in dBase format with only a few thousand […]

Managing LARGE Databases

First off a couple of definitions. When I refer to columns in this post, I am not referring to the actual field in a database, but rather I am referring to a column if the database was exported to fixed (space delimited) ASCII text. Also, when I mention records, I am referring to the number […]