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Disable Pocket From Iceweasel

I'm not sure who I should be more disappointed in- Mozilla or Debian. Iceweasel 43 recently arrived in Debian unstable, and with it, Pocket. For those who are not familiar, Pocket is a 3rd party service that allows users to save sites they want to read or visit for later. Provided the extension is installed, […]

Why Firefox Is My Browser Of Choice

Posted to my Google Plus account ( Let's talk browsers. Specifically, Opera 11.51, Firefox 7.0.1, Safari 5.1 and Chrome 14.0.835.163. I don't have access to Internet Explorer 9. Ordered best to worst. JavaScript standards compliance: (lower failures is better): Firefox: 191 failures Chrome: 425 failures Safari: 832 failures Opera: 3,750 failures HTML5 standards compliance: […]

A Case For HTML Email - Mashups

You know, I had this massive post all typed up arguing why HTML email isn't inherently evil. Seriously, it was approaching 2000 words. Then I realized something- I'm over complicating the issue. Everything I was trying to say in the post, can be summed up in this video, showing off Ubiquity from Mozilla Labs. Basically, […]

Apology Issued To Mozilla

For those who read my post in your RSS reader, and then came to my blog in hopes to comment, you will notice the post removed. For those of you who are frequent readers of my blog, and have been reading for a while, you have probably noticed that I do this on occasion. Here's […]


Lately, I've caught the IceApe bug (IceApe is a rebranded/renamed Mozilla Seamonkey), and I'd like to share my enthusiasm about it. First, a friend of mine got me hooked. Steve Dibb, a Gentoo user (yeah, I know. 🙂 ), loves it, and has been using Seamonkey ever since I've known him. Being a heavy Firefox […]

Firefox Extensions List Update

I just updated my Ultimate Firefox Extension List For Junkies page. I added a new category of "Past Extensions" and updated the list of my "Current Extensions". Of course, if there are any comments on list, I am curious as to what they are.

Firefox & Deer Park Browser Logos

   Take a good look at those two images. Someone, for the love of everything good and holy, please explain to me what part of the Earth that is supposed to represent. Oh. It's not supposed to represent Earth? Then, why spend the time getting some design to represent land and water, but not make […]

Happy Holidays

During the Holiday Season, there won't be a post from me until after the New Year. So, Happy Holidays from Pthree and Firefox 2. I hope that this browser is your default browser. If not, what better way to say "Happy Holidays!" to your family, then to be running a secure browser on your computer. […]

Corel To Distribute Firefox with WordPerfect Office X3

This is good news. As you are fully aware, most likely anyway, I don't use WordPerfect as: 1) it's not Free Software, and 2) it doesn't support ODF natively. However, with that said, this is great news, for a couple reasons. First, it tightens the competition with Internet Explorer as now, a major corporation is […]

4 New Firefox Themes

I stumbled upon Garret LeSage's Blog, and found that 4 new themes have been uploaded to the official Firefox addons site: Tango, Tangerine, Gnome and Industrial. What I really love about these themes, is how well they integrate with the Gnome desktop. It almost feels now, that I am using a native Linux application, rather […]

Firefox 2 Backspace

In case you are unaware, or you were caught with your pants down, Firefox 2 has changed the preference to how the backspace key acts. By default in 1.5.0.* or earlier, the backspace key used to take you back/forward through pages. Now, it acts as PGUP/PGDN. This seem a little counter intuitive to me. Why […]

It's A Browser Thing- You Wouldn't Understand

From the IE blog: Just in case you missed it somehow, we released IE7 last Wednesday. In the first four days over three million of you have already downloaded the final release. Thank you! From Mike Beltzner's blog: Apparently, people loves them some Firefox. Within 24 hours of the official launch on Tuesday, there were […]

Firefox 2 Early Release

I should've posted this early this morning, but what can I say? I've been busy. Follow this link, select a mirror, download, install, and you're off and running with the official Firefox 2 release. Built in spell checking (on the fly), drag-n-drop tabs between windows, undo closed tabs (with history), new default theme, better bookmarking, […]

Firefox- Forgive Me

Well, I've made a change in plans. Firefox will remain my default browser. I'm just not too terribly excited about the IceWeasel fork. I've evaluated their decision, and the pros/cons, and here's what I came up with: Mozilla wants to protect their trademark. The browser should be used in conjunction with the image. Debian doesn't […]

IceWeasel, Here I Come

Well, it's rather unfortunate that the relationship between Mozilla and Debian ended this way. The whole argument over a trademarked logo is a little silly if you ask me. I look at this argument, and I see Mozilla to blame. Mozilla: get over it. Open the logo and realize that no one is interested in […]