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Spammers Are Feeling The Pressure From Blue Frog

I have blogged about this before. If you haven't already decided to protect your inbox with Blue Security, get on it now! I couldn't be more serious. Blue Security is the single best solution for stopping spam COMPLETELY! If you are unsure about it, here is how Blue Security works. First, a Do Not Intrude […]

Firefox and A Couple of Extensions

The latest update for Firefox is version, and it was released Wednesday, the 1st.  Unfortunately, 3 extensions that reside in my Ultimate Firefox Extension List for Junkies are disabled, and they are not compatible with version  This is really a big let down as two of the three on my list are absolute […]

Spellbound, The Workforce and Firefox Market Share

Being a serious Firefox junkie, I was testing out a couple new extensions when a fellow coworker came by my desk and asked me what I was doing.  He then asked what extensions I find useful, at which point I began showing off Spellbound.  Immediately, he jumped out of his seat and couldn't believe his […]

Test Post From Performancing Extension For Firefox

Just testing.

My Firefox Extension List

I just finished the Ultimate Firefox Extension List for Junkies. It is an exhausting list of every extension that I use with Firefox including themes and search engines. Every item on the list is currently installed in every Firefox installation that I have. Many of those items I install before even using the browser. You […]

Firefox versus Opera Memory

Windows Task Manager Screenshot showing the memory consumption of Opera and Firefox (highlighted in yellow). I got into a recent email arugument with a friend of mine between the memory resources between Firefox and Opera. Well, here is my Winodw Task Manager showing both running processes and the memory that they are occupying. Read it […]

Too Cool For IE

This is by no means a Microsoft or Internet Explorer bashing post. But, I am in the mood for ranting a little bit, so it might come across as an anti-Redmond. You may have noticed, then again, you may have not noticed, that I put the ever-so-popular "Too Cool For IE" image at the bottom-right […]

Use Thunderbird To Track Firefox 2.0

Mozilla has released the roadmap for Firefox 2.0.  The tentative scheduled release date is June 27, 2006.  Of course, we all know that this date will be pushed back probably at least a month if not more.  But, you can see their scheduled plans day by day until they release the final version. First, you […]

New Firefox Extension- I Can't Wait

A new extension from Firefox will soon be available that takes full advantage of peer-to-peer... legally. The extension will be called AllPeers. AllPeers will utilize Bittorrent as the default P2P engine, with the ability for you to setup users, much like an IM client.  Sharing photos, songs, files, etc. will be a snap.  Unfortunately, AllPeers […]