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Bruce Perens Rains on the Novell Brainshare Parade

UPDATE 2: Groklaw covered this post and Justin's. Comments following are insightful, and far outstretching the content here. Read more here. UPDATE: Justin wrote up a good review of the conference on his blog. You can find his post here. I had the opportunity today, along with John, Kyle, Justin and Mike (some local LUG […]

Putt's Law

Phil Windley described in a recent post about a book written by author Archibald Putt (not his real name). He mentions a key point in I.T. and government, namely: Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand. I'd […]

EFF Member

There have been a couple changes lately in my professional life, namely becoming an Ubuntu member, and now, joining the EFF. Both are important to me, and both are helping guide many decisions in my personal life. You may have noticed the EFF badge at the right in the sidebar. Well, that's why. There are […]

Two Campaigns- One Goal

If you aren't aware of the recent scare in the industry, you should take a look. Below are two images that are hyperlinked to their appropriate sites, both with a single focus- to protect your freedoms. Each have their separate campaigns. I would encourage you to sign up at both sites. Vista is bad news. […]

Texas, Minnesota and ODF

So I'm about a day behind delivering this story. Sorry about that. 🙂 Texas and Minnesota are debating making the move to ODF following the example of Massachusetts, for all of the official government documents. This is good news for ODF supporters and fans. Not so good news for Microsoft and Office Open XML supporters […]

Keeping Open Formats Alive

I've blogged about this many a time, and yet, the same chime rings. How many of you are Open Source advocates, yet use proprietary protocols, formats, files, and software? It's one thing to be anal about Free Software, it's another to preach the Good Word, and not follow it yourself. Anyway, I'm not putting the […]

Freeing the Bound

First off, PortableApps Suite. When I stumbled upon this, I was ecstatic! A complete suite of Open Source Software tools for Windows users. Even better- they run right off of your portable USB drive! While the list of tools in the suite is young, and not extensive, it's enough to get a serious Windows user […]

Music Liberation

Well, I did it. It took some time, wrenching of the teeth, and much wailing. But I did it. I am free. What did I do? I deleted almost 30GB of downloaded MP3's. Yeah. It was tough, but I looked at it this way: If I am going to be very outward to others about […]

I Left My Print

Good Luck Pete!

IceWeasel, Here I Come

Well, it's rather unfortunate that the relationship between Mozilla and Debian ended this way. The whole argument over a trademarked logo is a little silly if you ask me. I look at this argument, and I see Mozilla to blame. Mozilla: get over it. Open the logo and realize that no one is interested in […]

Drawing the Line

Well, I've come to a conclusion on my personal conflict with supporting a Linux distribution that uses and ships with non-free software. I don't have a problem with it. In fact, quite to the contrary. I think it is wonderful that Ubuntu ships it. And I don't think that Ubuntu stifles innovation, as this article […]

Personal Philosophy Problems

I came across something that is problematic for me. I guess I really knew it all along, but today it hit home, and I put 1 and 1 together. By default, Ubuntu ships with two repositories that are fully supported: main and restricted. These two software repositories include all the necessary software to get a […]

Bloggers Are Journalists

You can read all about it here at Groklaw. In a nutshell, the Appeals court held up the ruling that bloggers are journalists and have the legal right to protect their sources. This came via the Apple v. Does litigation. Glad to see that free speech is wining.

Over and Out

Blue Security is no longer fighting the war on spam.  Another victory for the spammers. So I guess I get to join the file and rank of "bend over and grab your ankles" when it comes to spam entering my inbox.  Downloading filters is what to do, right?  Out of sight, out of mind?  Out […]

Pete Ashdown for US Senate

I am concerned about my freedoms online, and my digital rights. I am concerned about software patents, licenses and other such issues that seem to be plaguing the computing industry like locusts. Unfortunately, I live in a very conservative Republican state. Not much is being done in the right-wing camp about such issues. Senator Orin […]