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New Public NTP Server

I just assembled a public access NTP stratum 2 server. Feel free to use it, if you wish. It is considered "Open Access". It has a public webpage at This stratum 2 server has a few advantages over some others online: It connects to three stratum 1 GPS time-sourced servers. Each stratum 1 server […]

RIP Microsoft Tag

So yesterday, Microsoft announced that it is ending support for Tag, (on Facebook?) it's proprietary barcode format. To me, this doesn't come as a major surprise. Here's why: Tag arrived very late in the game, after QR Codes were pretty much establishing themselves as "the norm". Tag is a proprietary barcode. No way around it. […]

Tiny Tiny RSS - The Google Reader Replacement

With all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth about Google killing Reader, I figured I'd blog something productive. Rather than piss and moan, here is a valid solution you can build for at most two bucks, using entirely Free Software, running on your own server, under your control. The solution is to install Tiny […]

Changing RSS Source

Due to the recent news about Google shutting down a number of services, including Reader an the CalDAV API, I came to the realization that my RSS source for this blog should probably go back to the main feed. So, as of July 1, 2013, the same day Reader shuts down, the old feed at […]

How Much Swap?

I've been in the UNIX and GNU/Linux world since 1999. Back then, hard drives were barely passing double digits in GB, and RAM was PC100 speed at roughly 128 MB max. In fact, it wasn't uncommon for most systems to have 32 MB of RAM with an 8 GB hard drive. And we ran GNOME, […]

Obsure Email Addresses In HTML

I recently put up a web page with my email address. I'm confident in email provider's ability to filter spam, so I don't worry about it too much, to be honest. However, I started thinking about different ways I could obscure the email address in the source. Of course, this isn't offering any sort of […]

Appropriate Use Of "kill -9 "

There are times when "kill -9" is the only time you can kill a PID that is behaving badly. However, it's usually not needed if you know your signals. When I encounter a badly behaving program, here is the procedure I usually take. First, I'll send a SIGTERM (kill -15) to the PID. Sometimes this […]

High Capacity Color Barcode

I've been reading up on how to actually create physical QR Codes, complete with error correction. It's been very enlightening, and has grown a deeper fascination on the symbology of barcodes in general for me. While I'm not in 100% agreement with how they are currently being used (marketing, mailing lists, coupons, etc.), I do […]

Ramadan, Take Two

Two years ago, I participated in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. I blogged about my experiences, and you can read them here: Looking forward to Ramadan, Ramadan - Week One, Ramadan - Week Two, Ramadan - Week Three, An Open Letter to Pastor Terry Jones, and Ramadan - Week Four. Well, I intend to […]

Boycott GoDaddy

I generally don't jump on boycotting bandwagons, usually because they are severely misguided and misinformed, and they're usually interested in spreading FUD more than just reporting the issue at hand. However, on December 29th, 2011, I will be transferring all of my 15 domains away from GoDaddy, because they support the SOPA and Protect IP […]

Tab Completing Aliases For Multiple Accounts In Mutt

In mutt, you can setup multiple accounts, and use account hooks (complete with key bindings) to change to those accounts. I have a Gmail account and a work account. In my Gmail account, I use goobook to access my Google Contacts, and I can successfully tab-complete the addresses when composing mail. But, I have not […]

Use QR Codes For Accessing Wireless Access Points

If you have an Android device with a camera, you can install the ZXing Barcode scanner [1] which supports the following method. It is my understanding, however, that other barcode scanners do not support this, so as cool as this is, it may only serve a very limited audience. The ZXing app doesn't even support […]

The Sad State of Hashcash

So today, I received an email from one of the readers of this blog. He wanted to get into OpenPGP with his email, and asked if I could help him get started with some tutorials, how-tos, etc. I was flattered that he valued my opinion. So, I responded to each of his questions and discussion […]

Image Puzzle - 2

In keeping with my previous post almost 4 years ago, these images will circumvent Digital Restrictions Management on Sony PS3 consoles. I have also licensed them under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license. Enjoy!

The Three Laws Robots Can Read

Since first discovering QR codes, I've always been a fan. I think they're a lot of fun, and I totally dig that they are effectively open and free- meaning that anyone can generate and use QR codes without fear of royalty payments, licensing restrictions, etc. I even made my own business cards out of QR […]