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Apology Issued To Google And My Readers

I want to publicly apologize to my readers and to Google for my post regarding Google being evil. It was shortsighted and rash without level-headed thinking and clarity. I was misinformed, but had thought with Google supporting AIM that my gmail account could now login to AIM servers. In other words, I was under the […]

Is The CAPTCHA Broken?

Here's an interesting post from Coding Horror. Basically, describing whether the CAPTCHA is broken or if designers are just using sloppy methods. What I find interesting is software utilities designed to "break" the CAPTCHA. Looking at that post, Google, Yahoo! and Hotmail have unbroken CAPTCHAs. So, if the CAPTCHA was broken, I guess my question […]

Why Dvorak? Comfort

One of the big advantages of typing in the Dvorak layout is the comfort that comes with it. It is estimated that you spend nearly 70% of your time typing on the home row, with only 30% of your time stretching for letters off of the home row. If that's the case, then I should […]

Google Mobile

As mentioned yesterday, I am the owner of a new Palm Centro smartphone. I really love it. It's been a long while since I've owned a Palm PDA, so it has that nostalgic feeling every time I power on and start working. I do miss the handwriting recognition, however. That was good times. Overall I'm […]

Some Major Updates In My Life

First, a disclaimer. I have real reasons why I haven't updated my blog in the past 20 days. The number one reason? I'm a dad of course. She was born on Halloween and we took her home from the hospital on Monday the 5th (she's adopted). She's a doll, and I relish every living second […]

Gmail IMAP

Google has finally added IMAP support to it's Gmail email service! All I have to say, is it's about freaking time! Google- YOU ROCK!

I'm Going To Be A Dad!

Yup. You read the title correctly. Hard to believe, isn't it? My wife and I have been waiting for over 8 years to have kids, and finally, the opportunity has presented itself. Through adoption, we will be having a baby girl here in the next week or so. She is due on the 31st (Halloween) […]

Poll: Novell or Sun Microsystems?

An interesting conversation has sparked recently, and I'm curious what the community thinks. If you had the choice to work for either Novell or Sun Microsystems, who would you work for and why? I would work for Sun for a few reasons: Novell has made a reputation for itself by laying off employees at a […]

I Came, I Saw, I Got Conquered

            Click on a thumbnail for an 800x600 resolution. Today, I'm in Silicon Valley with Clint Savage, and we thought it would be great to take a small detour to Google Campus. It's only a couple miles from the hotel that we're staying in, so why not? First, we needed to find […]

New Job

After a short, and I mean very short, 9 months with introPLAY, I have taken a new job that gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. I am now working for Guru Labs as a Linux instructor. What does this mean? It means that I will be traveling the country teaching Linux courses to all […]

Utah Open Source Conference Started

Sitting in the crowd listening to our two keynotes for the Utah Open Source Conference, Matt Asay and Bruce Perens. The conference has kicked off, and looking good. Looking forward to presenting myself on Saturday.

Google Reader Gets An Update

I pulled up my Google Reader tonight to catch up on all my latest feeds, and low and behold, I notice two things right out the gate: Yes, that's right. Search, for the first feature (welcome to the '90s Google) and it can count past 100 (again, welcome to the '90s). It's about freaking time!

Congratulations Freenode

Freenode has passed 40,000 users as of Aug 28th. This is great news. I remember joining the network around early 2001, coming on and off at various times with help of all sorts for me running Linux. Back then, I believe the numbers were around 5,000 or so. So, to see a 8 times the […]

Ode To Hercules Haiku

An old laptop friend Of such a companionship. Goodbye Hercules

Network Naming Schemes

With my post about my home network, and the Greek play that I conduct with the computers, a lot of comments came in about what others use to name the host devices on their network. I'd like to share those, as not everyone reads blog comments. Here they are: D&D 3.5 classes Dragons Astronomy phenomena […]