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Setup A Git Repository

As a system administrator, and as a developer, you can and should take advantage of a version control system (VCS). Many exist, and have various features that might lure you into using it. Here at Guru Labs, we make extensive use of Git. As such, I've setup Git on my own home server, for keeping […]

GNU Screen

The key to being an effective administrator is understanding the software that you administer. Software administrators are nothing more than employees who are well rounded in software applications, their versions, how they are configured and installed and lastly how to troubleshoot them should something go wrong. Effective administrators also have a set of tools under […]

Shadowed Passwords

As GNU/Linux system administrators, we are often confronted with adding user accounts on the system, deleting user accounts, and modifying existing user accounts. At times, this can be a time consuming process. Further, keeping user accounts synchronized between machines, if not using a directory service, can be a bit of a pain. Have you ever […]