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Hello ZNC

After nearly 6 years of running Irssi behind GNU Screen and Tmux, I've ditched it in favor of ZNC. Don't panic, I'm still running Irssi locally, but this does allow be to try out different IRC clients, without being disruptive to the channels I'm in (including giving yet another assessment to WeeChat), and it will […]

Encrypt Your Irssi Config

Actually, this can work for any config that you want to encrypt. Because I'm such an IRC addict (admittidly), and use Irssi as my client of choice, AND the fact that others have asked me about it after blogging about encrypting your IMAP/SMTP passwords with Mutt, I figured this was an appropriate title. The Problem […]

Expand URLs in Irssi

If you're an IRC junkie, and spend hours a day in Irssi, then this post might be useful to you. It's all the rage these days to shorten URLs with fancy URL shortening services. Heck, even I have one. They are certainly nice to have, when links are exceptionally long, such as search result URLs, […]

My Tmux Hardstatus Theme

Recently, I've made the switch from GNU Screen to Tmux for my remote terminal multiplexor. I still prefer GNU Screen for serial connections, however (something the Tmux developers don't seem to think is important). So, when getting it setup, I wanted my hardstatus line to imitate my GNU Screen hardstatus line as closely as possible. […]

Pimp My Irssi - Part 2

It's been over 3 years since I wrote the original article about pimping out Irssi, with various themes, scripts, aliases, etc. Well, I figure it's probably time for an update. After all, if you know anything about me, you know I'm an IRC junkie with Irssi, and currently having a love affair with Bitlbee. Aliases […]

Twitter and Identica support with Bitlbee

I just discovered this today, and anything that makes my Irssi and Bitlbee experience better is always worth a blog post. First off, before beginning, make sure you have the latest version of Bitlbee. The options I'll be going through in this tutorial require version 1.2.8 or later. If you don't have at least this […]

Happy Open Discussion Day, 2010

I almost let today go by without blogging about Open Discussion Day. Of course, lately, I haven't been doing much blogging at all, which is entirely out of my person, but anyway, let's get onto the festivities. First, so you understand, Open Discussion Day started back 4 years ago when Ploum first blogged about showing […]

My ZSH, Irssi and Screen Themes On White And Black Backgrounds

Now that school is out for the summer, I have a bit of time to work on some of the themes I've created for my ZSH prompt, Irssi and GNU Screen. The first focus of mine was to get all themes working well with both white text on black backgrounds, and black text on white […]


Irssi, as blogged extensively throughout this site, is one solid client. The flexibility never ceases to amaze me, and tonight was one of those times. Hanging out in the amount of channels I do, I see a lot of activity in my statusbar for all of my joined channels. This can be overwhelming for some, […]

Facebook Chat In Bitlbee

It's no surprise that Bitlbee is my chat client of choice. After all, I've blogged about it before. So, when I heard rumors that Facebook would be releasing their chat to outside clients over XMPP, I was excited to see the day when I could add it to my running Bitlbee instance. Lo and behold, […]

Irssi's /channel, /network, /server and /connect - What It Means

I have found, that since using Irssi, many people like to edit the config directly. This is a natural instinct that we have as hackers in general. Because configs are stored in plain text, such as our shell RC files, Apache configs and many more, we just intuitively reach for our editor, and start hacking […]

OFTC, SSL, NickServ and Irssi

I'm on a bit of an IRC kick with the blogging lately, mainly because it seems I'm usually fine tuning my settings, and I like to share what I find. Hopefully, someone finds these posts useful. For today's post, I've picked setting up an SSL connection on OFTC and securely identifying to NickServ when connecting. […]

Freenode, SSL and SASL Authentication with Irssi

Last night, Freenode made the migration from hyperion-ircd to a fork of charybdis-ircd they're calling ircd-seven. There are a few notable changes in the new ircd code that are worth mentioning here that are of benefit to end users and clients. They are the ability to use OpenSSL encryption between client and server and the […] for Irssi and Other Script Goodies

So, I was browsing A Guide to Effectively Using Screen and Irssi, and I came across this little gem: Hilight Window See the irssi screenshot above. The section labeled "1" is a split window called "hilight". Anything that is hilighted (set using the /hilight command) will be logged to that window. To do this, first […]

More 88 Madcows

I made some updates to my 88_madcows.theme file for irssi. The biggest change is the theme working with 0.8.13 and greater. Further, I added the server tag to the statusbar when in the status window, so when I need to change servers for whatever reason, it's obvious what server I'm on before cycling through. Screenshot […]