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A Browser And A Terminal

I've come to the conclusion that the only user space software needed on a Linux machine is a browser and a terminal. Everything else is bloat. I just discovered mutt, a fantastic email client. Well, technically, I didn't "just discover it", as I have played with it in the past, but never got far with […]

New Irssi Theme - 88_madcows

Yesterday, while students were working on labs, and I was bored stiff, I decided to update my Irssi installation running on my Debian SPARC box. I spent some time cleaning up the config (not by hand, mind you, but through the options in the interface) by updating the servers I connect to, the channels I […]

Static Windows In Irssi

My wife and I have A LOT of DVDs. As any normal logic-based person would do, we categorized the movies alphabetically in ascending order. As our collection grew, we added movies in their appropriate position. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our shelving, this meant taking large chunks of movies, and moving them in masse, […]